The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (animation in English, 1988)

Lesson FIVE

based on the animation «The Legend of Sleepy Hollow» (1988)

Вопросы к пятой части мультфильма:

1. Do you think if there was some mischief or not?
2. What was the mischief?
3. Who did Katrina like?
4. What happened to Ichabod?
5. What do people hear on a road near the churchbridge on an autumn evening?

* * *

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Part 5 (in English)

 Закрытый контент сайта, доступен по подписке в БОКОВОМ МЕНЮ.

Задание. Переведите текст из м.ф.

Old Gunpowder (кличка лошади) was found without a saddle, happily chopping the grass at his master`s gate. Ichabod did not make his appearance at breakfast. The students assembled at the schoolhouse but no schoolmaster. In one part of the road leading to the church the saddle was found trampled in a dirt. The tracks of horse’s hoofs which lead to the bridge, where the hat of the unfortunate Ichabod was discovered, and close beside it, most curious, a shattered pumpkin. The brook was searched but the body of the schoolmaster was never found.

Shortly after the disappearance of Ichabod all of Sleepy Hollow rejoiced at the wedding of Katrina and Van Brunt. Was the Katrina’s encouragement of the schoolmaster merely a trick to get Brunt to the alter? Van Brunt was suspected in the disappearance of Ichabod because whenever the story was told, he always burst into a hearty laugh, especially at the mention of the pumpkin. <….>

Вы посмотрели мультфильм на английском языке «The Legend of  Sleepy hollow «. Списки английских слов к тексту, задания и вопросы подготовлены для изучения английского языка самостоятельно. Ждем вас снова)

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