How To Gain Affection and Love (some tips for guys)

St. Valentine Day: Five Steps of LoveSpecially for St. Valentine’s Day: How To Gain Affection and Love

Many people still doubt if there is love at first sight. What can it be that attract people so much during their first meeting? If there is an answer to this question, the great problem how to gain somebody’s affection will be solved. Yet there are some ideas…

Where the words fail…

All of us can hardly talk about our deep feelings. However, our feelings are impossible to hide. They give themselves away through our posture, the expression of our face, our smile and our eyes. The body language is easily understood by everybody and do talk for us. So, it is not the words that make our hearts beat faster!
More than that, you mustn’t forget about breathing and intonation, the way you move, stand and walk. The whole combination of them attracts us to each other.

Step 1: Making Eyes

The special look of love is called “making eyes”. It means that you look at somebody a bit longer than you normally do, but not too much longer. Look at somebody, then look away and then look again. This way you show him or her that you are interested. It is the first step. If he or she is still keeping the contact, you are on your way! But don’t look too long, it has the opposite effect. The exchange of looks between two lasts as long as until one of them takes the next step.

Step 2: Opening Sentence

To start talking with the only girl or boy in the world is the most difficult step. So, you will need a friend. Take your friend with you when you are going to meet the person you like. It will be easier for you to make a first step and move closer. And after you do that, you will have to say something. This opening sentence is very important. But it is not the words that are important but the way you say these words. Try to be self-assured, calm and friendly. This can be difficult if you are shy, but do your best. When you talk, look her in the eye, smile and what is the most important, look at her girlfriend as well. Sometimes, especially when she is giggling, look down, look at her body and then in her eyes again. Look from her one eye into the other, but do it very fast. This tactics makes her feel that you are cool.

Step 3: Getting Closer

For the next step you will need a friend, too. When you see your girl in the company of a friend, go with your friend towards them. Continue to talk with your friend and at the same time move closer and closer towards the girls. You are likely to begin to breathe at the same frequency as the girl and copy the way of her talk when you are able to hear her. The girl is sure to begin to focus her attention on you. As for her girlfriend, it is time for her to leave soon. Continue talking, you move slowly towards her until you and the girl form a closed circle. When her girlfriend leaves (and it is the high time to do it), be sure that you move closer, move into her personal space. Do it slowly and watch her body language, then you will know what to do intuitively.

Step 4: First Touch

Guys, please, don’t touch with your hands! It is too obvious and doesn’t show respect. You need to be more subtle. Touch her as if by accident with your elbow, with your foot, with the back of your hand. Otherwise, you may have the opposite effect and all your progress will be lost. To prevent failure, watch her reaction with each touch. If she doesn’t pull back, you will make the next step of seduction. It is also very small and subtle. When you sit next to the girl you like, touch her knees with your knees as if by accident. When you are close to her, you can touch her clothes with your fingertips, but don’t increase the pressure if she pulls back. Otherwise, you can move closer and don’t forget to keep on talking. You might say some nice words to each other as well.

Step 5: First Kiss

You are sure to be loved if your girl looks at you with shining eyes and all her posture and body language encourage you to continue. Then you can begin to draw her into her arms. Your breathing speeds up and your conversation slows down. That’s OK. It doesn’t matter what you talk about, sometimes you may be nervous and excited. Slowly your faces are getting closer and you shut your eyes before your lips touch. At this moment let us leave you.
It goes without saying that marriages are made in heavens. So, if you are lucky and have found your only girl or boy in the world, you begin to love each other in another way. But it is another story…

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