Домашнее чтение на английском языке «The Murder of Roger Ackroyd»

Agatha Christie. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (продолжение)

В этой главе вы узнаете причину убийства, но, скорее всего, вы уже догадались.

Chapter 26. The End

1. I hope you remember these words:

  1. to make sure — try to remember!
  2. to prepare — try to remember!
  3. to repair — try to remember!
  4. to take care — try to remember!
  5. a way out — try to remember!
  6. be fond of — try to remember!
  7. be proud of — try to remember!
  8. shame — стыд

* * *

Задания к главе 26

1. That is all. There are no words for you now!

2. Read the last chapter up to the end. Answer the questions:

  1. Now do you understand what Poirot meant by «the only way out»?
  2. Do you think that Dr. Sheppard felt sorry for what he had done? Explain your opinion.
3. Ответы к заданиям для самопроверки — ПОЛУЧИТЬ

It is the end. We need your feedback. Will you write an opinion about the book or just a few words in comments? Study English with us. Good luck!

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