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Agatha Christie. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (продолжение)

В этой главе Вы узнаете, что все герои нашей истории скрывают что-то от Пуаро, а ключом к разгадке убийства является телефонный звонок.

Chapter 12. Round the Table

Words to learn for Chapter 12:

  1. a few words — несколько слов
  2. innocent — невиновный
  3. evidence against — свидетельство против
  4. description — описание
  5. gather together — собраться вместе
  6. chairman — председатель
  7. a certain purpose — определенная цель
  8. trust (v) — доверять
  9. experience (n)- опыт
  10. swear to smb — поклясться кому-то
  11. tell the truth — сказать правду
  12. tell a lie — солгать


  1. Look here, — Послушай,…
  2. Well, it’s a pity!  — Ну, жаль…

Закрытый контент сайта. Chapter 12. Round the Table

Poirot and I had a few words with Inspector Rag­lan. «It looks bad, M. Poirot,» said the inspector. «It looks bad that Captain Paton has disappeared. If he is innocent, why does he hide? We have evidence against him, but maybe he can explain everything satisfactorily. Then why doesn’t he come and give the explanation?»

I did not know it at that time, but the inspector had sent telegrams with Ralph’s description to every port and railway station in England. His rooms in London were searched. All the houses which he usu­ally visited were watched.

«I can’t find anyone who saw him at the railway station last night,» continued the inspector. «And I have no news from Liverpool.»

«Do you think he went to Liverpool?» asked Poirot.

«Yes. Think of that telephone call to Dr. Sheppard which was made from the station three minutes be­fore the Liverpool train left. There must be some­thing in that. But why did he make that telephone call?»

«My friend,» said Poirot, «I don’t know. But I will tell you this: when we find the explanation of that telephone call, we shall find the explanation of the murder.»

When the inspector left us, Poirot said to me, «You know, my friend, I want to gather the whole family and have a little talk together.»

The family gathered about half an hour later. We sat round the table in the drawing-room — Poirot at the head of the table, like the chairman. We were six: Mrs. Ackroyd, Flora, Major Blunt, young Raymond, Poirot and myself.

«Ladies and gentlemen,» said Poirot, «I have called you together for a certain purpose. To begin with, I want to ask mademoiselle something.»

«Me?» said Flora.

«Mademoiselle, you are engaged to Captain Ralph Paton. He trusts you. If you know where he is, let him know that it is very important for him to come. His situation is dangerous. The evidence is against him. He must come and speak. Look here, mademoi­selle, it is Papa Poirot who asks you to do this. The old Papa Poirot who has much knowledge and much experience. Trust me. And tell me where Ralph Paton is.»

The girl stood up and looked at him. «M. Poirot,» she said in a clear voice. «I swear to you that I have no idea where Ralph Paton is, and that I haven’t seen him or heard from him since the day of the murder.»

She sat down again. Poirot looked at everybody. «Well,» he said, «now I ask everybody who sit round this table. Mrs. Ackroyd, Major Blunt, Dr. Sheppard, Mr. Raymond. You are all friends of the murdered man. If you know where Ralph Paton is hiding, say.»

There was a long silence.

«Ladies and gentlemen,» said Poirot. «Mademoi­selle Flora Ackroyd asked me to investigate the mur­der, and I promised her to do it. I want you to under­stand this: I will find out the truth. I, Hercule Poirot, tell you: I am going to find out the truth — and I will find it out — in spite of you all!»

«What do you mean, M. Poirot?» said Geoffrey Raymond, «why do you say in spite of us all?»

«I mean just this,» said Poirot. «Everyone of уоu in this room is hiding something from me. Yes, yes, I know what I am saying. Maybe it seems to you that you are hiding something quite unimportant, but it is so. Each one of you is hiding something from me. Am I right?»

He looked around at all of us, and all of us looked down.

«You have answered me,» said Poirot, smiling. He stood up. «I ask all of you again: tell me the truth — the whole truth.»

There was a silence.

«Will noone speak?» he said. «Well, it’s a pity.»

And he went out of the room.


* * *

Задания к главе 12

1. Translate into Russian: «When we find the explanation of that telephone call, we will find the explanation of the murder». Who said this? Do you think so?

2. Poirot is sure that six people are hiding something from him. Who are these six people?

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