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Agatha Christie. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (продолжение)

В этой главе вы узнаете о секрете мистера Раймонда и о маленьком эксперименте, который провел Пуаро.

Chapter 15. Geoffrey Raymond

Words to revise and remember:

  1. to please — try to remember!
  2. be pleased — try to remember!
  3. by the way — try to remember!
  4. be sure — try to remember!
  5. to assure — уверять
  6. to confess — признать
  7. to make a confession — сделать признание
  8. be in debt [det]- быть в долгу
  9. get a legacy — получить наследство (legacy = money)
  10. pay the debt [det]- уплатить долг
  11. to satisfy — удовлетворять (= to please)
  12. be satisfied with — быть довольным (удовлетворенным) = be pleased with
  13. make an experiment — провести эксперимент


  1. That’s a pity! — try to remember!
  2. Look here,… — try to remember!

Закрытый контент сайта. Chapter 15. Geoffrey Raymond

That afternoon, when I returned home, Caroline asked me to go to Poirot’s house and take a pot of her home-made jam for him. «I promised it to him,» she said. «He has never tasted home-made jam. And tell him about the boots, please,» she added.

Poirot was very pleased. «How kind of Mademoi­selle Caroline,» he said. «She hasn’t forgotten her promise.»

«By the way,» I said, «My sister wants me to tell you that Ralph Paton’s boots are black, not brown.»

«Is she sure that they are not brown?» said Poirot.

«Absolutely sure.»

«Ah!» said Poirot. «That’s a pity.» Then he changed the conversation. «Can you tell me,» he said, «What did Miss Russell, the housekeeper, speak to you about when she came to show you her knee that morning?»

«Oh, she asked me some questions about poisons,» I said. «She also spoke about drugs.»

Our conversation was interrupted by the coming of Geoffrey Raymond.

«M. Poirot,» he said, «I’ve got to make a confes­sion.»

«Really?» said Poirot.

«It’s nothing important, really,» said Raymond. «But yesterday, when you were speaking to all of us in the drawing-room, you said that everyone of us had something to hide. And I felt that I must come and tell you. As I say, it’s nothing important, but still I want to say it to you. I was in debt, and I did not know where to get the money to pay the debt. That legacy which Mr.  Ackroyd has left me — five hundred pounds — comes just in time. Now I shall pay my debt and have something left for myself.»

«You are a very wise young man,» said Poirot.

«You see, when I know that somebody is hiding some­thing from me, I suspect that it is something very bad, indeed. You have done well.»

«I am glad,» said Raymond. «I am afraid I must go now. It was nice to see you.»

And he left.

«So that’s how it is,» I said.

«Yes,» said Poirot. «It is good that he was in the billiard room with Major Blunt. By the way, have you ever thought, my friend,» he continued, «how many people are becoming richer after Mr. Ackroyd’s death? Mrs. Ackroyd, Miss Flora, young Raymond, the housekeeper Miss Russell. Look here,» he said, changing the conversation again, «will you come with me to Fernly now? I want to try a little experiment with Parker.»

I agreed, and we started at once. When we came, Poirot asked to see Miss Ackroyd. Soon Flora came down to us.

«Mademoiselle Flora,» said Poirot, «1 am not yet satisfied about Parker, and I want you to help me to make a little experiment. Will you call him, please?»

«Did you call me, sir?» said Parker.

«Yes, my good Parker. I want to make a little ex­periment. I have asked Major Blunt to stand on the terrace outside the study window. I want to see if it was possible for anybody to hear the voices of Miss Flora and yourself when you were speaking in the little lobby that night. Let’s repeat everything as it was then. Bring the tray and put on it everything that you were carrying that night.»

Parker went away, and we went to the little lobby. Soon Parker appeared. He was carrying a tray with a bottle of whisky and two glasses on it.

«Very good,» said Poirot. «You came from the big hall. Mademoiselle Flora was standing — where?»

«Here,» said Flora, walking up to the study door.

«Quite right, sir,» said Parker.

«Good,» said Poirot. «Now play this little comedy. Say what you said that night.»

Flora said, «Oh, Parker, Mr. Ackroyd doesn’t want to be disturbed again tonight.»

«Very good, miss,» said Parker.

«Thank you,» said Poirot. «By the way, Parker, are you sure there were two glasses on the tray that evening? For whom was the second glass?»

«I always bring two glasses, sir,» answered Parker.

«That’s all, Parker, thank you,» said Poirot.

Parker left.

«I don’t understand it,» said Flora.

Poirot smiled. «It is not necessary for you to un­derstand,» he said. «But tell me, were there indeed two glasses on Parker’s tray that night?»

Flora thought. «I really can’t remember,» she said. «I think there were two.»

A few minutes later we were going back to the village. «Are you satisfied with your experiment?» I asked.

«Yes,» he said very seriously. «Now I know some­thing which I wanted to know.»

* * *

Задания к главе 15

1. Проверьте себя:


  1. confession — try to remember a word combination with this word
  2. experiment — try to remember a word combination with this word
  3. debt — try to remember a word combination with this word

Verbs & phrases:

  1. to assure — I can assure you that…
  2. to satisfy — Are you satisfied that… ?

2. If you were a detective, would you find important the information that Mr. Raymond was hiding from Poirot?

3. Do you remember…

Who became richer after the death of Roger Ackroyd?

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4. Make an experiment with Poirot. 

What people took part in the experiment?

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5. Answer the questions:

  1. What kind of experiment did Poirot make?
  2. Where were the people standing and what were they doing?
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