Домашнее чтение на английском языке «The Murder of Roger Ackroyd»

Agatha Christie. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (продолжение)

В этой главе вы узнаете, с кем разговаривал Роджер Экройд перед смертью и кто встречался в летнем домике в ночь убийства.

Chapter 22. Poirot’s Conference

1. Words to remember:

  1. to attend — посещать
  2. to get clear — выясниться
  3. to get blacker — стать более запутанной
  4. notes of the case — записи этого дела
  5. to exclaim — воскликнуть
  6. modest — скромный
  7. wise — мудрый
  8. an announcement — объявление
  9. to make an announcement — сделать объявление
  10. absurd — абсурдный, нелепый
  11. to pay attention to — обратить внимание на
  12. to keep a secret — хранить секрет
  13. to behave badly — вести себя плохо
  14. a way out — выход
  15. to reply — ответить
  16. except — за исключением
  17. to whistle — свистеть
  18. to guess — догадаться
  19. a list — список
  20. an opportunity — возможность
  21. to investigate the case — расследовать дело
  22. to go on — продолжить
  23. to suppose — предположить
  24. instead of — вместо
  25. probably — вероятно
  26. separate — отдельный, раздельный
  27. as soon as — как только
  28. possibility — вероятность
  29. prove to be — оказывается
  30. by the way — try to remember!

——— Translate, please!

  1. It is absurd. It is nonsense.
  2. Do you mean to say…?
  3. Let us suppose.

* * *

Задания к главе 22

1. Make sure that you know the words:


  1. notes of the cases
  2. announcement
  3. way out
  4. list
  5. opportunity
  6. possibility


  1. modest
  2. wise
  3. absurd
  4. separate


  1. attend
  2. get clear VS make clear
  3. get blacker
  4. exclaim
  5. pay attention to
  6. make an announcement
  7. keep a secret
  8. behave badly
  9. reply
  10. whistle
  11. guess
  12. investigate the case
  13. go on VS go
  14. suppose VS suggest
  15. proved to be VS prove


  1. together (e.g. gather together)
  2. except
  3. instead of
  4. probably
  5. as soon as VS soon
  6. by the way VS on the way VS a way out

2. Find and look through Poirot’s story:

He was silent for a moment, then went on. «I will start at the beginning. When Miss Ackroyd asked me to investigate the case, I went to Fernly Park with Dr. Sheppard. <…>»

Pay attention that go is not the same as go on. 

3. Read the chapter again up to Poirot’s words: «And I ask my cleverest question: Was anyone with him?»

Then answer the questions.

How many meetings were in the summer house on the night of the murder?

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Загрузка ... Загрузка ...
3.2. According to Ursula Bourne, she was in her bedroom from nine-thirty until ten. Is that true? If not where was she at that time?
3.3. According to Dr. Sheppard, the stranger who he had met near the gate came to the summer house a few minutes after nine. Where did he go?

Who came to Fernly Park secretly on the night of the murder?

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5. Use the method of deduction and make two logic chains.

Use the words:
  • the American stranger (Charles Kent)
  • a goose quill
  • drugs
  • Ursula Bourne
  • Miss Russel
  • questions about poisons and drugs
  • a wedding ring in the pond with the inscription «From R.»
  • the announcement of the engagement between Ralph and Flora Ackroyd
  • a conversation in the wood
  • a quarrel in the summer house
  • Flora Ackroyd
  • a secret marriage
  • Ralph Paton

5.1. Let us remember the conversation in the wood, which was on the day when Roger Ackroyd had announced the engagement between Flora and Ralph.

Caroline says:

Отрывок из книги Агаты Кристи Убийство Роджера Экройда

  1. to cut off with a shilling — оставить без наследства
  2. to make sense — иметь смысл

Do you remeber who threw the wedding ring in the pond?

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Logic chain 1: the American stranger =>

Logic chain 2: the announcement of the engagement between Ralph and Flora Acroyd =>


6. Let us make everything clear.

Уроки английского языка

6.1. The first meeting was at the summer house at about nine o’clock. It was the meeting between… and… (Say who met at the summer house at about 9 o’clock.)

6.2. The second meeting was at the summer house from 9.30 until 10.00 It was the meeting between… and… (Say who met at the summer house at 9.30.)

Агата Кристи Убийство Роджера Экройда6.3. But we know (according to Geofrey Raymond) that Roger Ackroyd was talking to someone at 9.30. Let us follow Poirot’s logic:

Now we come to another, and very interesting, aspect of the crime. Who was at the study with Roger Ackroyd at 9.30?

Not Ralph Paton, who was in the summer-house with his wife, Ursula Bourne.

Not Charles Kent, who had already left — you remember, he was in the bar a mile’s distance at 9.45.

Then who? And I ask my cleverest question: Was anyone with him?

To his words Geofrey Raymond said:

Maybe you are trying to say that I am a liar, M. Poirot, when I say that I heard Mr. Acroyd’s voice. But is is not only my evidence. Major Blunt who was on the terrace also heard that Mr. Ackroyd was talking to someone.

You see that there are two witnesses who say that Roger Ackroyd was talking to someone in the study. So, it is proved.

6.4. Who have we forgotten? —  Study the list of characters. Who talked to Roger Ackroyd at 9.30? — Your answer.

  1. Dr. James Sheppard
  2. Caroline Sheppard
  3. Mr. Roger Ackroyd
  4. Mrs. Cecil Ackroyd
  5. Flora Ackroyd
  6. Ralph Paton
  7. Miss Russell
  8. Parker
  9. Geoffrey Raymond
  10. Major Blunt
  11. Hercule Poirot
  12. Charles Kent
  13. Ursula Bourne
  14. Someone else

Evidently that that person was the murderer. If you have named the person, you have your own version. Tell us your ideas.

7. Ответы к заданиям для самопроверки — ПОЛУЧИТЬ

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