Agatha Christie. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (adapted for pre-intermediate)

Глава 5. Murder

1. Words to remember:

  1. police — полиция
  2.  call the police — вызвать полицию
  3.  ghost — привидение
  4. be murdered — быть убитым
  5. be surprised — быть удивленным
  6.  exact words — точные слова
  7. wicked joke — злая шутка
  8. be disturbed — чтобы его беспокоили
  9.  fall asleep — заснуть
  10. silence — тишина
  11. break the door- сломать дверь
  12. dagger — кинжал
  13.  stab from behind- заколоть сзади
  14. move — двигать
  15. touch — трогать
  16. robbery — ограбление
  17. suiside — самоубийство
  18. motive — мотив
  19. disappear — исчезнуть
  20. suspisious — подозрительный

Стрелка внизActivities to Chapter 5

1. It really seems strange that Parker didn’t know that his master had been murdered. So, on hearing the news that something is wrong with his master, he followed the doctor to the study.

Read the extract from the book.

«Of course, come along», said I to Parker. We walked through the door on the right, crossed a little lobby where a small flight of stairs led to the bedroom, and knocked at the door of the study. There was no answer. I turned the handle but the door was locked. Parker was standing behind me.»

Pay attention, it is important! The picture may help you.

Иллюстрация из книги Агаты Кристи The murder of Roger Ackroyd (in English)

What floor is Roger Ackroyd's study on?

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Загрузка ... Загрузка ...
Check yourself if you remember the words—> List of words to chapter 5

2. Describe the picture and send the description to

Иллюстрация из книги Агаты Кристи The murder of Roger Ackroyd (in English)

3. Answer the questions:

What kind of crime was it?

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4. Pay attention to three strange details. What are they? Draw your conclusion.

  1. «A call that I have never made.» =>
  2. The door was locked from the inside. =>
  3. Where is the blue envelope?=>
  4. Who was the last person to see Roger Ackroyd alive? When? =>
  5. Who was the last person to hear Roger Ackroyd talking? When?=>
It is very important!

What was the time when Roger Ackroyd was alive, in your opinion?

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5. Write in comments: why do you think so?

6. Let us imagine that you are going to help to investigate the murder. You hear the police inspector talking to the witnesses.  Write what they said. Be very careful and don’t miss any detail, they are SUSPECTS, too!

Here is the list for this chapter

  • Major Blunt
  • Geoffrey Raymond
  • Parker
  • Flora Ackroyd
7. Write what you know about them and what they said to the police inspector. Write in comments.

Ответы к заданиям для самопроверки —> ПОЛУЧИТЬ

Уважаемые читатели! Следующие задания к книге защищены паролем. Чтобы получить пароль, вам нужно купить адаптированную книгу «Убийство Роджера Экройда» на английском языке и отправить на письмо с датой покупки и вашим Ф.И.О.

ЧИТАТЬ СЛЕДУЮЩУЮ ГЛАВУ —> Chapter 6 «The Dagger»

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