Answers to the Questions to the Book «The Murder of R. Ackroyd»

Answers to Chapter 15

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  1. признание — сделать признание (make a confession)
  2. эксперимент — провести эксперимент (make an experiment)
  3. долг — уплатить долг (pay the debt)
  4. уверять — я могу уверить тебя, что …
  5. удовлетворять — ты доволен, что…

2. If I were a detective, I woud see that Geofrey Raymond is innocent and wants to help in the investigation.

3. The people who became richer after Roger Ackroyd’s death are Mrs. Ackroyd, Miss Flora, Raymond, Miss Russell.

4. The experiment.

There are three people who take part in the experiment: Major Blunt, Flora Ackroyd and Parker.

5. Answers to the questions:
1. The aim of the experiment was to see if it was possible to hear on the terrace the conversation between Parker and Flora Ackroyd who were speaking near the study in the little lobby.
2. The position of the people.
Major Blaunt was standing on the terrace to see if it was possible to hear voices from the study.
Flora was standing at the study door.
Parker was walking up to the study and carrying  a tray  with a bottle of whiskey and two glasses on it.


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