Answers to the Questions to the Book «The Murder of R. Ackroyd»

Answers to Chapter 16

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  1. свидетель
  2. хозяин
  3. алиби
  4. долг, обязанность
  5. ответственность
  6. бледный
  7. слабый
  8. ответственный
  9. жечь
  10. совершить
  11. пугать
  12. опрашивать, задавать вопросы
  13. притворяться
  14. платить

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3. Possible answers to the questions:
1. To tell the truth, I wasn’t surprised very much because I thought that Parker could have blackmailed Roger Ackroyd.
2. It appeared that he had blackmailed his former master Major Ellerby.
3. I believe Parker because he was sure that Roger Ackroyd himself had been blackmailed but not Mrs. Ferrars. As I know it was Mrs. Ferrars who was blackmailed.

4. Who was blackmailed? — Both Mrs.Ferrars and Mr.Roger Ackroyd were blackmailed.
5. A Strange Coincidence.
1. According to Dr. Sheppard words, he doesn’t beleive that such a well-known man could be a blackmailer. That’s why he says: «That’s impossible»
2. As for me, I find this coincidence really strange, but I also think the same. I agree with Dr. Sheppard.


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