Answers to the Questions to the Book «The Murder of R. Ackroyd»

Answers to Chapter 24

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1. Перевод:

  1. знак
  2. камин
  3. преступник
  4. предупреждение
  5. выход
  6. сообщник
  7. сцена
  8. причина
  9. описание
  10. карман
  11. единственный
  12. установить на определенное время
  13. обнаружить
  14. вместо

2. Possible answers:
The first fact was the telephone call, the second fact was the big armchair which was pulled out from the wall.

3. Study the plan of the room. The position of the armchair is important!

4. Let us read the nest chapter to find out.

* * *

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