Answers to the Questions to the Book «The Murder of R. Ackroyd»

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Answers to Chapter 1

1.Перевод слов:

  1. трудность, проблема
  2. яд
  3. вывод, заключение
  4. беспробудное пьянство
  5. расстроенный
  6. обеспокоенный
  7. преследуемый
  8. ядовитый
  9. умереть от
  10. сделать вывод
  11. отравить
  12. узнать от
  13. принять (внутрь) по ошибке
  14. быть преследуемым
  15. признаться
  16. сказать правду
  17. По правде говоря (устойчивое выражение)

2.1. Which of the characters have you met in Chapter 1?

  • It is Dr. James Sheppard who is the narrator of the story (его окликает сестра по имени!)
  • It is Caroline, his sister.
  • It is Mrs. Ferrars who died that very day and Dr. Sheppard was sent for.
  • It is Mr. Ferrars, the husband of Mrs. Ferrars, who died a year ago. Caroline thinks that he was probably poisoned by his wife.
  • It is Annie, the maid of James and Caroline.


2.2. Who died a year ago ? —  Mr. Ferrars

2.3  What kind of person is Caroline? — She is a gossip (сплетница).

3. Early call — ранний вызов, I was sent for. — За мной послали. He is a DOCTOR.

4. Why is Caroline so sure that Mrs. Ferrars took poison on purpose? Because Caroline is sure that Mrs. Ferrars poisoned her husband a year ago and since then she has been haunted by her crime.

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