Answers to the Questions to the Book «The Murder of R. Ackroyd»

Answers to Chapter 13

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  1. доказательство
  2. улика
  3. теория
  4. пункт
  5. цель
  6. опыт
  7. местный
  8. полезный
  9. невиновный
  10. разузнать
  11. доверять
  12. доказывать
  13. подтверждать
  14. скрывать
  15. собраться вместе
  16. ошибаться

2. Two Proofs:

  • The fact that Dr. Sheppard left the house at 8.50 is proved by the words of Parker who saw him off. (Doctor Sheppard’s words can be proved by the words of Parker who also said that he had left the house at ten minutes to nine.)
  • The fact that Dr. Sheppard met the stranger outside the Park gates at 9 o’ clock can be proved by the words of the maid. She had met the stanger a few minutes before and he asked her about the way to Fernly Park, too.

3. Who is the suspect?

3.1. Who does Dr. Sheppard suspect?

Doctor Sheppard is doing his own investigation. He has written down some points. Here they are:
Dr. Sheppard's points1
Стрелка внизDr. Sheppard's Conclusion.1jpgSo, Dr. Sheppard suspects the American stranger.

3.2. Who does Poirot suspect?

As for Poirot, he doesn’t suspect the American stranger because he didn’t make a secret of his going to Fernly Park as he asked two people the way there.
Also Poirot doesn’t suspect Ralph Paton. Although Ralph inherites money after his stepfather’s death, there is a second motive of this murder — the blackmailing. And this second motive  is much more important!
We don’t know so far who does the Poirot suspect.

3.3.  So far I  don’t know the person who you suspect)))



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