Answers to the Questions to the Book «The Murder of R. Ackroyd»

Answers to Chapter 18

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  1. ложь
  2. последние новости
  3. дело, случай
  4. свидетельское показание
  5. лестница
  6. долг, обязанность
  7. ручка двери
  8. вор
  9. ведущий
  10. благородный
  11. слепой
  12. указывать на
  13. признавать
  14. доказывать
  15. лгать
  16. обманывать
  17. притворяться
  18. вести
  19. достигать
  20. длиться

2. Possible answers to the questions:

  1. Charles Kent may have taken the money from some person in Fernly Park. To my mind, there three possible conjectures. The first one is that he stole the money from Roger Ackroyd’s bedroom. The second he blackmailed Roger Ackroyd and he gave him the money he had asked for. And the third he took the money from someone else.
  2. As we guess that the murder was commited between a quarter to ten and ten o’clock, Charles Kent had an alibi as at this time he was at the bar Dog and Whistle. He was seen by a lot of people. But Poirot didn’t recommend to set him free because the he was not sure that Mr. Roger Ackroyd was alive at a quarter to ten.
  3. The time of the murder was based on Flora’s evidence who said that shehad seen he uncle alive at a quarter to 10. But Flora was lying.
  4. The experiment made by Poirot proved that Flora hadn’t seen her uncle at a quarter to 10. He lied to conceal something. If it is true we can draw a conclusion that the murder may have been commited EARLIER.

3. I hope that you were able to make a good inference. You can check your guesses in the extract from the book (see point 5).

4. We are waiting for your translations. Besides, it is Flora Ackroyd who took the money.

5. The right answers:

  1. According to the text, the experiment was made for Flora Ackroyd, not for Parker.
  2. That fact shows that the murder may jave been commited EALIER.

6. Send your translation to

7. Flora conceals two facts:

  1. She took the money (40 pounds) from Roger Ackroyd’s study.
  2. She doesn’t love Ralph Paton.

It is important! It turns out that it is not Ralph Paton who Flora loved. She loves Major Blunt. [/paid_content]

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