Answers to the Questions to the Book «The Murder of R. Ackroyd»

Chapter 25

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  1. причина
  2. болезнь
  3. объяснение
  4. сообщник
  5. чепуха
  6. безопасность
  7. удобный
  8. скромный
  9. заметить
  10. шантажировать
  11. обращаться
  12. получать
  13. изобретать
  14. войти — выйти

2. Перевод предложения: «Это ,был Вы. вы шантажировали, миссис Феррас». Эти слова были сказаны Пуаро.
3. Possible answers:

    1. Poirot started to suspect Dr. Sheppard when he noticed a little discrepancy in time. He said that it had taken him 10 min to reach the gate while it usually takes 5 min.
    2. Roger Ackroyd asked Dr. Sheppard to close the window but he probably didn’t do that. So the window was opened.
    3. Yes, Dr. Sheppard had an accomplice. It was one of his patients who was going to leave England for America. He asked him to call from the Liverpool station before getting on the ship.
    4. The telephone call was necessary for Dr. Sheppard to come to the scene of crime among the first people and to take away the dictaphone which he had left on the table.

4. Dr. Sheppard acted like that:
He came to the window but he didn’t close it.
He stabbed Roger Ackroyd.
He went out of the study.
He ran around the house and came to the study window.
He got into the study through the window.
He locked the door from the inside.
He put on Ralph Paton’s shoes.
He left the footmark on the window sill.
He put the dictaphone on the table and pulled the big armchair so that the armchair would hide it.
He get out of the window.
He took off Ralph’s shoes.
He ran to the gate.
5. Dr. Sheppard had to kill Roger Ackroyd because he had known that he (doctor) had blackmailed Mrs. Ferrars.

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