Answers to the Questions to the Book «The Murder of R. Ackroyd»

Answers to Chapter 19

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1. Перевод:

  1. удар
  2. мастерская
  3. радиоприемник
  4. племянник
  5. изобретатель
  6. знакомый
  7. любопытный
  8. жаловаться
  9. советоваться
  10. притворяться
  11. напомнить
  12. войти
  13. изобретать

2. Let us make it clear! Probably Roger Ackroyd was killed between 9.30 and 9.45 because…

3. Possible answers to the questions:

  1. Charles Kent doesn’t have an alibi because the murder may have been commited at 9.30. If Charles Kent had run, he could cover the distance between Fernly Park and the bar Dog and Whistle in 15 minutes. He may have commited the murder. But does he have a motive?
  2. Charles Kent couldn’t have made the telephone call because he couldn’t cover the distance of a mile and a half in 5 minutes. (The telephone call to Dr. Sheppard was made at 10.15. Charles Kent was in the bar until 10.10).
  3. According to the inspector inspector Raglan that it could be Ralph Paton who made the call to the doctor. One of the reasons could be that he wanted to help his father in case he was still alive or just to let somebody know that his father was dead.

4. I believe that Charles Kent came to Fernly Park to ask his mother for money. [/paid_content]

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